YouTube videos can contribute greatly to your online marketing strategy. It’s hard to find an online buyer who has never watched videos on YouTube. That means that your YouTube channel can drive high amounts of targeted users to your website. On the other hand, YouTube videos are indexed by all major search engines. So, you’ll be able to use YouTube videos to get organic search traffic.

One way or another, each of your YouTube videos needs to be optimized for target keywords. When performing optimization of YouTube videos you should pay a close attention to optimizing video’s titles and description. Plus, you need to do every single thing possible to increase the number of your YouTube channel’s subscribers and get as many likes and comments for your videos on YouTube as possible.

This blog post concentrates on YouTube SEO tactics that work. In other words, we are going to provide you with video optimization tips that you need to follow to get the most out of your YouTube marketing efforts.

1) Optimizing YouTube Video’s Title and Description Tags

YouTube video’s title has to briefly explain what video is about. So, the video’s title tag has to contain no more than 65 characters. It goes without saying that the main keyword that you target needs to be included in your video’s title tag. It would be enough to mention the keyword in YouTube video’s title tag once. Your YouTube video’s description tag has to describe video in more details. This tag has to contain no more than 256 characters. Remember, keyword stuffing is something that should be avoided. Keywords should be inserted into YouTube title and description tags naturally.

2) Optimizing Video Descriptions

It’s worth noting that video descriptions has plenty room for search engine optimization (SEO). The reality is both YouTube and Google analyze video descriptions carefully. It’s recommended to write long descriptions for videos. By doing this, you’ll get an opportunity to optimize your videos for the main keywords and long-tail keywords.

3) Increase the Number of Your YouTube Channel’s Subscribers

Your videos on YouTube will begin to gain popularity quickly if a lot of people subscribe to your YouTube video channel. Your YouTube videos will get more views, more likes and more comments. Finally, you’ll be able to get more YouTube traffic. It’s a great idea to include a call to action into videos and ask users to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

4) Get More Likes for Your YouTube Videos

Once you publish a new video on your YouTube channel, you should do your best to promote it effectively. It makes a lot of sense for you to share links to your YouTube videos on relevant sites and forums. Plus, you can share links to your YouTube videos on popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + and others. All of this will definitely help you increase the number of views and likes for your YouTube videos.

5) Get More Comments for Your YouTube Videos

You should know that comments can add a lot to the popularity of your videos on YouTube. If your video is very interesting, then some YouTube users will most likely decide to leave a comment and say something about it. It’s crucial for you to reply to all of comments quickly and create discussions around your YouTube videos.

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