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Landing pages can greatly increase conversions for PPC and Social Media Campaigns. Our landing pages are user friendly, responsive and based on conversion goals for your business.

Landing Page Web Design Orange County, CA

You have a great product or service, you’re running your website, but somehow leads aren’t converting into sales. Chances are you have a poor landing page or maybe none at all. An essential part of an effective digital marketing campaign almost always involves tailored landing pages. Landing pages bring the visitors focus to the sale through emotion, call to actions and simplicity.

At 2Twelve Marketing, we design landing pages in such a way that visitors understand your unique selling point. We create landing pages that are tailored to your brand, are mobile responsive, and provide a clear call to action. Our landing pages are user friendly and help improve conversion rates through adwords, social media ads and other paid advertisements.

Support Business Goals.

Landing pages are catered to a specific audience or goal and encourage people to take action, whether that's a sign up, form or click to call.

Improve PPC Campaigns.

Improve your click through rates with landing pages that target the specific interests of your audience and increase your leads through niche marketing.

Improve SEO Rank.

Landing pages are essential for generating fresh, relevant content, which helps your SEO rank.

More Conversions.

Convert more visitors into customers with targeted landing pages that address their problem, search query, or question.

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