KÔR Pilates

KÔR is a studio specialized in Private and Group Pilates including mat, apparatus, prenatal, postnatal, kids and osteoperosis-friendly Pilates and all other Pilate activities.
When we started working with KÔR they already had a website which unfortunately didn’t get much leads so it wasn’t successful due to old themed design and not very friendly to the user eye so we decided to change it.

Pilates, a calming and physical fitness system that gave us the vision that would give style and spirit to the new KÔR website. Smooth lines, warm and light colors are the main characteristics of the website and that’s all we needed to visualize the nature of KÔR with a modern design that would attract people to try Pilates.

To help with leads we highlighted the attractive offers that KÔR has placed on key places to get the most attention and encourage people to get started.

The new website is packed with latest techniques on search engine optimization that helps it to list on top of the search engines.

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