There has been a lot of talk about the importance of social media promotion for SEO. Obviously, social media promotion has a direct impact on website’s SEO and delivers multiple SEO benefits. That’s the reason why social media promotion has to be a key part of your search engine optimization strategy. Today, we’ll tell you exactly how social media impacts site’s SEO.

Google Pays a Close Attention to Site’s Social Media Signals

There is the evidence that Google and other search engines give a preference to websites which are incredibly popular in social media. That means that if your content is liked, shared and commented by users on social media then it has a better chance to achieve top search engine rankings. The more likes, shares and comments your content has – the better. So, your job is to provide interesting and engaging content that your target audience will probably like.

Social Media Promotion Increases Brand Awareness

It’s crucial for you to know that Google ranks well businesses of well-recognized brands. Social media promotion is a great way to build brand awareness. It’s important to know that popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter + and others bring together a lot of users across the world. The statistics shows that Facebook has 1.71 billion monthly active users and Twitter has 317 million monthly active users. Therefore, if you have a solid social media promotion strategy then you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness significantly over time.

Social Media Posts Can Drive Search Traffic to Your Site

Another big advantage of social media promotion is that social media profiles often rank well in Google and other search engines. So, if you optimize your social media profiles for target keywords then your social media posts may begin to attract search traffic to your site.

Social Media Can Help You Attract Good Backlinks to a Site

It’s no surprise that incoming links continue to play a very important role in search engine optimization these days. However, only quality backlinks work well and have a positive impact on site’s rankings. Keep in mind that you should use only natural methods to attract backlinks to a website. When building links for a website you should focus on content marketing and social media promotion. In other words, you need to publish high quality content on a website and then promote your articles on social media. If your content is valuable people may decide to publish your articles on their sites. According to search engine rules, a website owner has to provide a backlink if he/she re-publishes someone’s content. As a result, you’ll be able to get backlinks from relevant sites. Such backlinks will definitely have a huge positive impact on your rankings. Plus, incoming links from relevant sites will generate targeted traffic to your website.

Thank you so much for reading our article. We have just outlined the most significant SEO benefits of social media. It’s clear that social media can contribute greatly to your SEO strategy. Use the power of social media promotion to improve your site’s SEO.