Facebook has recently updated its algorithm and made some changes to its News Feed. How does the Facebook’s latest algorithm work? What does Facebook’s latest algorithms change mean to brands? These are questions faced by so many business owners and marketers today. The time to get the answers has come! Read on to learn more about the Facebook algorithm change 2018.

How Does the New Facebook Algorithm 2018 Work?

First of all, let’s try to figure out how the Facebook algorithm 2018 works. If you visit your Facebook page, you’ll be able to see posts displayed in your News Feed. It’s worth noting that Facebook has recently changed the way of determining the posts that need to be shown to users in News Feed.

According to the new Facebook algorithm 2018, content interactions fall into two categories. There are active interactions (commenting, sharing and reacting) as well as passive interactions (clicking, watching and viewing). Nowadays, Facebook gives a high priority to the content with active interactions. The posts with the highest number of comments will be displayed at the top of News Feed. Then, the posts with the highest number of shares will be displayed in News Feed. Lastly, the posts with the highest number of reactions will be displayed in News Feed.

Tips to Help Businesses Survive Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change

Now, we have an understanding of how the new Facebook algorithm 2018 works. So, the big question is – what businesses need to do to attract more social media traffic from News Feed to their sites? Let’s try to get the answer!

Obviously, as a business owner you should do everything possible to attract more followers to your Facebook page. On the other hand, you need to get more comments, shares and reactions for your posts. Follow tips provided bellow to make the most of your Facebook advertising strategy!

Promote your business with Facebook Ads. It’s important to know that Facebook Ads remains one of the best ways of attracting the targeted traffic to your Facebook business page and increasing brand awareness. That means that it would be better for you to spend more money on Facebook Ads management services.

Focus on Facebook Groups. Facebook Groups are designed to bring people together through common interests. On the other hand, Facebook Groups give business owners the perfect opportunity to attract target audience to their businesses. Promoting content in the relevant Facebook Groups will probably help you get more comments, shares and reactions. Such content is likely to rank high in News Feed on Facebook.

Provide Facebook Live videos. According to Mark Zuckerberg’s opinion, live videos more often result in discussions on Facebook. The statistic also shows that real time videos receive much more interactions comparing to traditional videos. All of this means that Facebook live videos need to be a part of your Facebook promotion strategy.

Share engaging content with users. If people find your content interesting, then they will probably comment your posts or choose to share them on their timeline. As a result, your content will be displayed at the top of News Feed for a long time.

Facebook Ads management is a serious work that requires special knowledge, skills and experience. That’s why you it would be better for you to get in touch with real professionals to promote your business on Facebook successfully. Contact our digital marketing experts in Orange County for Facebook marketing today!